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All Body Row Workout

Happy Hump Day! I’m back for another edition of Workout Wednesday. And if you checked out yesterdays post you know we are featuring the rower yet again. Saturdays workout at Row Studio left me feel great, sore but great! The best part was that it didn’t take a lot of thinking to perform any of the moves. Below you’ll find the 3 rounds of work we did during class. Make sure to add a thorough warm-up and a thorough cool-down after. From start to finish you’re looking at 45-50 minutes.

Row R1 Row R2 Row R3


Find a friend to motivate you through this workout. It’s way more fun that way! Enjoy!


Row Studio Experience

A hobby of mine while traveling is to try out a new type of fitness. A gym, studio, or a particular class. Over the weekend I made a trip to Houston to see my wonderful friend (and bride-to-be) Alyssa. Several months back she was telling me about a rowing class she was going too. As she knows how I love all things fitness, this class sparked my interest. So when Alyssa asked what I wanted to do while in town I said “Take me Rowing!” No not really… but I did say I wanted to try it out.


Alyssa hadn’t been back to Row Studio in several months due to the high monthly fee. Boutique gyms are so wonderful yet so terrible because of the hole they burn in your pocket! So she was nervous excited to head back to her old stomping grounds. I on the other hand was excited for the soreness!


We arrived to the studio, signed in, and found a rower… in the back. The class was an All Body class so in additional to the rower we grabbed a sand bell and foam roller for additional strength work between rowing. We started with a light warm-up then got right into the workout. We did 3 rounds. Round 1: 6 minute AMRAP, Round 2: 10 minutes of partner work, and Round 3: 10 minutes interval rowing. Needless to say we were spent! We achieved some nice callouses, sore muscles and a strong appetite.


My strong appetite was for food but it was also for rowing! If you’ve been following my workouts lately they are all about the rower! I love it and I’m hungry for more, and Alyssa too! Stay tuned for tomorrows Workout Wednesday. Stop by to see what the Row Studio workout looked like!

Why fitness shouldn’t be seasonal

In the fitness industry we have four season, Holiday Detox, New Years Fitness Resolution, Spring Break Shape-up, and Summer Slim Down. I’d be naive to think this industry would have continued success without the changes of the fitness seasons but in my perfect world fitness wouldn’t be seasonal.

Why is it that we can make time to watch our favorite TV shows, DVR or not? And how come we can make it to happy hour multiple times a month (or a week)? And most importantly, why do we think it’s OK to pick up fast food instead of planning ahead for a healthy lunch? These habits sabotage our health on a grand scale yet we so easily let ourselves indulge in bad habits. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s realistic to eat 100% healthy all day, every day. And I too have a TV show or two I make sure to catch each week, sometimes with nice cold beer or glass of wine in hand. But the game changer is how often these things are done. These indulgent, TV, food, alcohol, are all part of a vicious cycle. Do you see it? For several weeks and sometimes months we work ourselves to the bone and instead of rewarding ourselves with a heart pumping exercise session or a heaping bowl of mixed berries we grab the ice cream and plop down on the couch for hours on end.

I mean think about how much trouble you would save yourself if you just put more thought into your daily decisions. We could stop this vicious cycle of always trying to get fit for the next season if we just stayed fit for life.

fit 4 life

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Easy for you to say, you work in the fitness industry.” and you’re right. But regardless of my job title I think everyone can make small changes to start in a year round fit for life regimen. It’s as simple as walking after dinner, or setting aside 30 minutes to do some physical activity. It’s changes like a side of fruit instead of chips, or ice tea (unsweet!) instead of soda. I’m not asking you to be Mr. or Ms. Fitness America. I’m asking you to stop letting everyone know you’re loosing weight for a season or event on social media! You mean to tell me you’ll get fit to go on vacation but you won’t get fit to enjoy the rest of your life? That’s Ludacris!!!


So now that I’ve got you convenience, or at least thinking, what’s your next move?

I encourage you to make plans, set goals, and find ways to enjoy being healthy, year round. Surround yourself by those who encourage you to be healthy. Live to be fit for life and skip the seasons.


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