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Your New Year’s Mantra

In light of the New Year just around the corner you see and hear people making resolutions left and right. Resolutions are all fine and dandy but according to, only 8% of people followed through with their New Year’s resolution in 2013. So why add to that statistic? Instead, let’s try something new this year. Rather than creating unattainable goals and wishful outcomes, let’s create a Mantra.

A Mantra is a positive phrase or sentence of wisdom that helps motivate you, puts things into perspective, or provides you with hope when you need it the most. This phrase is repeated often and with meaning. For those who practice yoga a new Mantra is often used for every practice to assist in meditation. So why limit yourself to one? Make a mantra for the first week of the New Year because as we all know a lot changes in a week. Then come up with a new one to finish out the month. Continue creating these Mantras as you need. Just like goal, Mantras seldom work for a full year.

Here are a few simple Mantras that have kept my mind right when everything else seemed to be going wrong,

  • “Don’t sweat the small things”
  • “In the end, all will be ok”
  • “Challenges are strength training for life”

Sometimes the best Mantras are found on plaques or picture frame and sometimes they are words of wisdom from friends and family. Whatever your Mantra(s) is or will be make it a strong one. Make it motivate you to be the best you possible.

As we get ready to ring in the New Year I wish nothing but the best for all my friends, family, and blogging buddies. May this year be as good as you make it! Cheers!

Live Positively in the Now!

At the beginning of December I took a trip to Seattle to attend the YogaFit Level 5 training. This course is a 2-day yoga intensive toward my RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher, 200 Training hours). The further along I get in my journey to RYT 200 the more I appreciate these courses and the lessons I learn from them. This course in particular left me feeling rather enlighten, positive, and ready to share my point of view on the world.


You see, the world is what you make of it. You are in control of your path, your mind, and your attitude. There is very little reason to¬†dwell on yesterday because you can’t get it back and no sense worrying about tomorrow because you can’t predict it. Life is about living in the NOW! Living for this moment, not anticipating the next. If I could count the times I worried about what happens next or threw a pity party about my past, I’d be rich with wasted time!


Which leads me to another waste of time, negative energy, attitudes, and feelings. I mean why? Why allow such destructive habits into your life? The Law of Attraction states that every positive event that happened with you was attracted by you. For example, you never win anything, ever!! You’ve let it be known that entering contest and giveaways is pointless because you never win! Well of course you don’t win! All those negative comments have been translating into negative energy that is attracted to you! Instead, imagine yourself winning, talk about winning, and you will win! This same concept can be applied to people. Even if the energy you are sending is negative energy it is still energy that you are giving to someone else. As the saying goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. And the same goes for energy. If you only have negative energy to give, don’t give energy at all.

The concepts are simple. Its the practice that is hard. Take each day step by step remembering to live in this moment and not to take life so seriously. Put positive energy out and it is positive things you shall receive.

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