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Fitting in Fitness Over the Holidays

If you’re anything like me you go into the holiday season with high hopes of continuing your workout routine and eating as mindfully as possible. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching and the Winter holidays shortly behind, I’m here to remind you of a few easy ways to fit your fitness in during the holiday season.


Take the show on the road: If you travel for the holidays and don’t have access to a gym, take a few portable pieces with you. I suggest the TRX suspension trainer, a small foam roller, and a yoga mat.

Work with what you’ve got: Hotel stays are no excuse to skip a workout. If they hotel has a gym, use it! If it doesn’t, refer back to my first bullet point or use the hotel as your gym. Run up and down the stairs doing body weight exercises in between flights or jog around the block if you’re comfortable with the neighborhood.

Get a guest pass: Several gyms offer guest passes over the holidays. My gym back home offers free days around the holidays if I come with my mom. Other gyms offer week free passes as a trial run, so take advantage!

Invest in your fitness: The holidays are a great time to try out a new studio in a new city (or your own). Check holidays schedules at local boutique yoga, pilates, barre, or cycle studios and try something new. First classes are often free or discounted! 

Use the great outdoors: Easier said then done as I sit in 70 degree Texas weather. But this year I’ll be in Nebraska and if the weather is nice my mom and Aunt Joann always like to take a stroll around the neighborhood. Such a great idea!

Hop online: There are countless online fitness video sites. Workouts range from yoga, to strength training, to cardio and everything in between. Here are a few sites to check out,

Remember you are in control of your choices so choose fitness! Even a short workout is better than now workout. Get moving to feel better (and fight the delicious holiday food we couldn’t pass up!)!


Strong Mind

I’m not an avid reader, never have been and at times wounder if I ever will be. I blame school, from grade school all the way through graduate school. Every semester a new book was forced on us to read, understand, and usually summarize in our own words. And the older I got the more boring the books got. But I’ll be honest, I was never a great reader. It’s always been hard for me to focus for more than a few pages at a time. After only ten minutes (or less) I find my thoughts wondering and I don’t even know what I just read! When it comes to reading I think I’m a prime candidate for ADD.

But within the last year my interest for a good book has peaked. My thirst for knowledge and self-improvement has guided me toward better books. Finding time for these types of books was difficult when I was in school. Honestly, the last thing I wanted to do was read more than I already had too! I can’t say I have more free time than I did while getting my degrees but my time is no longer spent reading books that are mandatory.


With my new found interest for a good book a long list of “must reads” has been piling up. I’ve been able finish a couple, start a few, and look at the covers of several others. Here are the books on my cue now:


1. In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness. By Peter Levine, PhD. – I read this book for the YogaFit for Warriors training. It was eye opening to the trauma and stress our bodies go through and how to heal from such situations.

2. Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It. By Peggy Klaus – I’m only a chapter into this book but I already want to hand it over to everyone I talk too. This book is a great tool for getting yourself ahead without sounding like a self-absorbed idiot!

3. Your Body Speaks Your Mind: Decoding the Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Messages That Underlie Illness. By Deb Shapiro – A book I’m reading for my upcoming YogaFit Level 5 training, I’m only a couple chapter in. So far I’m hooked trying to understand how our bodies are so in-tune with everything else going on in our world.

4. Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? By Seth Godin – This book came highly recommend by a health and fitness professional. Danny has his hand on it now, I’ll be starting it later.

5. Think and Grow Rich. By Napoleon Hill – Another highly recommended and rather classic book that I’m now just finding out about.

What’s your favorite book that I should add to my list?




Housewife Glamour





Faith Along the Way

One for the Books: A BOSU Weekend

Over the weekend I hosted my first BOSU workshop since becoming a BOSU Regional Master Trainer. I was lucky enough to host it at my second home, the UTSA Campus Rec. My student trainers and instructors earned CEUs for the BOSU Complete Intro Workshop and they could not have been a better group of participants! They were so receptive to the BOSU variables, interacted without hesitation, and killed it during the BOSU Master Class. Here are a few of the memories from our weekend.

IMG_0271 IMG_0274 IMG_0275 IMG_0279 IMG_0291

 A shout out to our BOSU MVP for the day, Trainer Ian Bradburn!


If you’re interested in hosting a BOSU course at a facility near you please contact me at or click here to see course descriptions.

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