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I have an exciting announcement!

A couple months ago I decided to embark on a professional development journey by taking the opportunity to apply to become BOSU Regional Master Trainer. The entire 4 step process took me about two months to complete alongside my everyday life duties. A week after completing the process I got the e-mails stating “Congratulation! You are now a BOSU Master Trainer!”. Needless to say I’m super excited to start this next endeavor.

For those of you unfamiliar with BOSU, it a half round platform, usual blue but sometime pink or black, that can be utilized for all kinds of exercise. In fact, BOSU stand for Both Sides Utilized. Feel free to check out the BOSU website or my BOSU Workout to see what it’s all about.


So what does a Regional Master Trainer do? We provide continuing education and certifications through 2 or 8 hour BOSU courses. Although the name implies I’m located within my region, that’s not the case.  I can travel anywhere to present workshops. With that said if you’d like to host a BOSU workshop at your facility, let me know!! For more details about each course check out my CEU page for more information.

I’m really excited about this new opportunity and I hope to have lots of success. I’d be grateful to anyone who passes my information along to others they know who might be interested! Thanks in advance for helping me be successful in achieving my goals!



What’s the big idea at IDEA world?

A couple weeks back I was able to travel out to Anaheim, CA to attend the IDEA World Fitness Convention. IDEA World is the biggest, bestest fitness convention around. This was my second time attending and I must say the fun and learning were just as fantastic as the first time. So what’s the big idea at IDEA World? Let me tell you, A LOT!

1. BOSU + Vibram 5 Finger: I was able to attend a fun promotional session with these two companies and get a free pair of Vibrams. We used our vibrams on the BOSU to help understand how to grip and use the shoes to our advantage and promote strong foot health. I haven’t worn Vibrams before so this was new for me. I’m adjusting to the idea and using them with the BOSU, while walking the dogs, and for weight lifting days.

2. Kamagon: I went into this session not knowing much about it besides it had an awesome instructor, Keli Roberts. I left shocked at the functionality and challenge brought by this small yet mighty piece of equipment. The Kamagon is a round ball weighted with water, equipped with 2 handles, and covered in a soft coating. The idea is similar to a kettle bell but I’ll be honest, it’s better. The workout left me challenged and feeling muscles activate that I wasn’t expecting during different exercises. I failed to get a picture or video because I didn’t want to miss a minute. Feel free to check out the website here and find a class or training near you.

3. Trigger Point Therapy: You’ve heard of myofacial release and foam rolling but have you heard of trigger point therapy? Trigger point has been at several fitness conferences over the years and I’ve learned a few things here and there about trigger point therapy and trigger point products but this time I was able to attend a session and get a bit more in depth. Trigger point therapy targets the areas of myofascia that have been over stressed and are now causing pain and discount we call trigger points. Trigger point uses techniques proven to help treat and improve trigger point discomfort. To learn more about trigger points and Trigger Point Therapy, let them fill you in here.


4. Corbing: I’m not even sure I can do corbing justice with my description but I’ll try. Corbing using body control, awareness, and strength to manover on, over, and around a BOSU Ballast Ball. Danny, the creator of corbing, makes it look effortless and almost dance like. I can’t say this fitness trend will sweep the nation (because of the mass amount of uncoordinated people) but it’s a pretty awesome thing to try and see.

Other Notable Mentions: Schwinn Cycle, Shockwave, and SPRI ropes all had awesome, inspiring, and idea filled sessions which are always expected! Todd Durkin was also at the conference and impressed Danny (not a shocker, Todd is awesome). The keynote, Diana Nyad, and special guest, Augie Nieto, were also inspiring beyond belief. If you haven’t read their stories, do! And then donate to Augie Quest, an ALS research fund.

So that’s the Idea World Fitness Convention in a small nutshell. There were countless other awesome sessions and the Expo hall, OMG… HUGE!!! The biggest ever. You didn’t even need to bring lunch with all the “healthy” snack available. Every fitness product and company in the biz was at the Expo. Talk about overload! I’ll leave you with a few other photos from the trip. If you’re a fitness professional I highly recommend going next year!

Workout at Newport Beach

Workout at Newport Beach



Been loving my Banded 2gether headband

Been loving my Banded 2gether headband

Danny presenting Sgt. Ken with a WWP pen after SPRI ropes gone wild

Danny presenting Sgt. Ken with a WWP pen after SPRI ropes gone wild



A small part of the A&M fitness team reunited!

A small part of the A&M fitness team reunited!

Coffee Black Bean Brownie Bites

If the title alone didn’t get you energized then I suggest whipping up a batch of these tasty and health conscious treats. I found several black bean recipes that didn’t fit my needs so I tried my own and they turned out pretty great. My hard working fitness Instructors were the final say at our Group Exercise In-service this morning.


Here’s what you’ll need:
1 can black beans (drained and thoroughly rinsed)
2 eggs
3/4 cup cocoa powder
1 T coconut oil, melted
1/4 tbs sea salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup sugar (you could try a sugar substitute)
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
3 tbp instant coffee (more or less depending on your caffeine desire)
Optional toppings include: coconut flakes, almonds, other nuts of choice, chocolate chips


1. Set over to 350 degrees
2. Spray a cupcake tin with cooking spray
3. Mix all ingredients together in a food processor or mixer. The mixer should be nice thick similar to regular brownie mix. If it’s to thick, add a tablespoon of water at a time until desired thickness
4. Carefully pour or spoon batter into cupcake tins
5. Allow brownies to bake about 15 minutes
6. Let cool on a cooling rack, eat and enjoy, or store in the fridge when done


I made 3 variations. The first (without toppings), has 6 tsp of instant coffee and a definite coffee flavor. The second (with coconut flakes), has 3 tsp of instant coffee, just enough for a kick but not over powering. The third (with almonds), has no instant coffee for those with enough natural energy to make it through the day!


Enjoy these energy brownies and hooray for baking with coffee!!


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