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Workout Wednesday – BOSU Finisher

Happy workout Wednesday!

Today we are working with the BOSU to create a quick workout finisher. What’s a finisher you ask? A finisher is one or multiple exercises done in a high intensity interval style at the end of a workout. These exercises should increase your heart rate and work effort, pushing you to your maximum and ultimately finishing your workout on a high note.

For today’s finisher we have:
Lateral skater Hops
Jump, jump, stick
BOSU plank with knees
3 Rounds :30sec work/:10sec rest = Total Time 6min

Not sure what these exercises look like? Check out this short (and kinda blurry 😉 ) video to better understand the motions.

Femme Fitale Fit Club

Fitness Fashion – Lucy!

Hey Y’all! I’m back today to spread the word about another one of my favorite fitness fashion brands that is totally under worn. By now you’ve all heard about my love for Fabletics fitness wear, but have you heard of Lucy? Lucy Activewear is actually a rather established company starting in Portland in 1999. I’ve known of Lucy for several years now but never lived anywhere with a store (and online clothing shopping has been scary for me until late). After moving to San Antonio a year ago I found Lucy Activewear at Dick’s Sporting Goods. The styles were limited but I found one gem that I have since bought in 3 different colors. I give you the Workout Racerback.

IMG_0166This weekend I was finally able to go to the Lucy store in San Antonio. They opened about 9 months ago but I didn’t discover this until about 2 months ago. I get a little excited over fitness clothes. Some people like shoes, some people like fun new fashion, me… I like fitness clothes! So it was no surprise I found a complete outfit.


I purchased the “I run this tank”, the “Hatha bra“, and the “Hatha capri’s“. I’ve already put the outfit to test and I give it two thumbs up! The pants were very comfy and form fitting, the bar supportive and padded, and the top loose and cool! Price point is similar to Lululemon but I personally am liking Lucy better. And great news, instructors & trainers get a 25% discount!! Just let them know you teach or train, fill out an info card and receive the perk! Not a fitness professional? That’s ok! The nice people at Lucy gave me 15% discount cards for you!


If you’d like your own discount code please leave me a comment with your preferred e-mail address and I can send you a code for online shopping. Want to shop in store? No problem. Leave me your e-mail and we can chat about where to to send your discount card!

Have a great day and happy shopping!

Things I have learned from my Dogs

I think most my fellow animal lovers can agree that we can learn so much from our pets. My sweet and spunky pups, Kahlua and Cypress, help put life back into perspective for me nearly every day!  I consider myself a pretty giving person so today I’d like to share these life lessons my dogs taught me, with you 😉

1. Be cautious yet friendly: Anytime they meet someone new it’s a crazy mix of barking, sniffing, a good look from a distance, and then usually a friendly tail wag. I’m not sure what they’re detecting but I think it’s smart to start every relationship cautiously friendly.



2. Play, rest, play: If you’ve met the endless ball of energy we call Kahlua you know she’s all about running, jumping, and playing. This girl can literally jump as high as my head (I’m 5’7) with excitement on the way to the back yard. As soon as she’s outside the race is on. Like any normal person she needs a rest but without fail she’s ready to play again a short time late. Life Lesson: Rest when you need but get back to play (or work) once your rested.




3. Drink water, lots of it, all the time (especially before you eat and after you play): Kahlua is a lean pup and I think it’s because she chooses water over food unless it’s the end of the day. She’s a “eat to live, don’t live to eat” kind of dog. Cypee on the other hand loves to eat but he’ll drink a whole bowl of water in one sitting (and get half of it on floor). I’d say I fill their water bowl 6-8 times a night! But lesson learned… stay hydrated!

4. It’s okay to whine…minimally.: Cypee’s a whiner, but only when he needs something. And such is life, sometimes you need to be a little whiny to get help, especially when you weren’t heard the first time.

5. Be over excited to see those you love: I’ll be honest, sometime I think they’re only excited to see me because I’m letting them outside. But either way, isn’t it great to have someone THAT excited to see you? Life Lesson: we should do that for the loves in our lives.

6. Let your best friends best qualities rub off on you: Before Kahlua met Cypee she was a very timid, spastic dog. After just a few short days Cypee and Lua were fast friends. And two years later, friends and family who knew her pre-cypress comment on how chilled out and friendly she’s become. I’m not positive how Cypee has changed since meeting Lua but Danny tells me he’s become a better dog :-).


And because you can never have to many cute puppy dog pictures…



Baby Lua

Baby Lua


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