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What’s in the Grocery Cart?

The grocery store, it can be a magical place or a shopping nightmare. I choose the ladder and look forward to my HEB trips almost every time. Danny and I like to hit the grocery store a few times a week to pick up fresh goods and enjoy some quality time together. He once told me going to the grocery store was one of his favorite things to do with me! Good thing because we literally go to the store 2-3 times a week.


What does a normal grocery store trip look like for a household of two fitness professional you ask? We stick to parameter shopping for 90% of our groceries. This just means buying items from the parameter isle of the store rather than those in the center. Our parameter items include tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, meats, and poultry, feta cheese, coconut milk, and eggs. The other 10% comes from coffee, tuna, and health food isle items like nuts and protein bars.


Our grocery cart always looks so empty when we make our way to the checkout but that’s because we do our best to keep the processed foods on the shelf. Grocery shopping shouldn’t be a dreaded task just stick to these helpful tips for a healthier, happier, trip to the store.

  1. Parameter shop for the healthiest and freshest foods
  2. Don’t go at peak hours. There’s just something (i.e. less people) about going to the grocery store later in the evening (8:30ish pm) that makes shopping a little less stressful.
  3. Have a plan and stick to it. Whether your plan is mental, in list form, or a bunch of recipes going in with a plan can help save you from irresponsible selections.
  4. Go on a full stomach. Trust me, the more hungry you are the more junk or quick foods you will buy.


5 Minute Abs

Happy Workout Wednesday!!

I’ve got an awesome 5 minute ab workout for you today. Check it out,

5 Minute Abs

Do your best to move from one exercise to another without rest. If you’re feeling strong, do a second round. Below is a list of exercise descriptions to help clear up any exercise name confusion.

  • Up/Down Plank: Starting in a high plank position, lower to your elbows one at a time then press back into a high plank one hand at a time. Do 30 seconds leading with each arm to total one minute.
  • Upper Back Extension: Keeping the feet and legs tight on the ground, lift and lower the upper body with control. Extend the arms over head from more challenge.
  • Lower Body Extension: Resting the head and keeping the upper body on the ground, lift and lower the lower body with control. For added difficulty, keep the legs together.
  • Superman: Lift the upper and lower bodies up from the ground and hold for 30 seconds. Look toward the ground to protect the neck and spine
  • Crunch Kicks: from a basic crunch, kick one leg toward the ceiling reaching the opposite hand toward the foot. Do 30 seconds each side. To work more obliques, twist and reach to the outside of the foot.
  • Hesitation Bicycle: Bring the opposite knee and shoulder toward each other and hold about 4 seconds, switch to the other side and hold for 4 seconds. Continues switching side to side with control holding 2-5 seconds.

And there you have it! Add this sequence to middle of end of any workout to build strong core muscles!


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3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus


I’m here to once again to share another chakra in the Yoga Energy Center series. We are on to the 3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus Center. Often associated with the color yellow, the solar plexus in located above the naval but below the chest and is where we develop our sense of self. The solar plexus is every ego-based so when balanced we have strong self-esteem and respect, are reliable, responsible and playful. But when the 3rd chakra is blocked we might see ourselves as manipulative, overaggressive or over-competitive, or perhaps have a fear of rejection.


Poses: Standing split, Wheel, Bow pose

Standing Split

standing split



Benefits of Solar Plexus Poses: Poses help strength core and provide a strong, confidence presence.

Nutrition: Naturally occurring carbohydrates rich in fiber (fruits and vegetables) especially those colored yellow. (i.e. summer squash, lemons, bananas, pineapples,)

Mosey, Teri ( 2014). Chakra Nutrition. IDEA Fitness Journal, Vol. 11(6), 38-45.
Shaw, Beth. YogaFit Teacher Training Manual Level 3: Introspection. 2007.

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