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Motivation Monday

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was great. Mine was filled with yard work and house work but productive none-the-less. Danny got home yesterday and brought me my favorite flowers upon his arrival. Such a thoughtful one he is 🙂 And so great to have him home.


Tomorrow’s the big day! 100 mile month for Wounded Warrior Project starts tomorrow and I’m excited! Whether or not you’ve decided to do the miles in April to help raise money and awareness for WWP, I think we could all use a little motivation to get us going (or at least to start the week off right).

Okay, seriously…This kid knows his stuff. Now let’s get motivated to help WWP!

Will you be joining us for #100MileMonth? Leave me a comment if you’ve like more information to get started!


5 Challenges for your Health and Fitness

Woohoo for Friday!!! The weather is looking great over the weekend here in San Antonio so I plan to take advantage of it by getting some yard work in, running outside, and maybe even taking the pups out on the town (dog friendly hang outs of course)! Last night I racked some leaves from the front yard and filled up the whole compost trash can! I’m not even a forth of the way done with the leaves so I definitely have my work cut out for me this weekend.

Moving on…Today’s Idea Fit word of the day is #Challenge so I’m here to provide you with just that.

5 things I challenge you to do 

1. Workout 60 minutes this weekend: I know for many people the weekend is time for rest. But if you are anything like me you skipped a few workouts this week and honestly, I get my best workouts in on Saturday and Sunday. So make it happen, 60 minutes, that’s all I ask! Need workout suggestions? I’ve got you covered here.

2. Try a new type of exercise in the next 7 days: We all get stuck in a routine, which is fine. But our bodies and brains could use a change. Try a new exercise class, cardio machine, or piece of weight equipment this week. May I suggest a Barre workout from my good friend Lauren at Fun, Fit, and Fabulous?

3. Commit to a month long Challenge in April: Here it comes, another shameless plug. As you may know I’ve committed to 100 miles of exercise in the month of April to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project. If you’d like to join me you can pledge $25 here and commit to be fit in April while helping a great cause. I’ll be helping support you through with Motivation Monday, Workout Wednesday, and Check-in Saturday.


4. Meal plan or meal prep for the week ahead (or month!): Not everyone is a meal prep person. However, meal planning could be the next best thing for you. Meal prep or plan out your meal menu for the next week to save time, stay on track, and save money from eating out. I recently tried the 8-week iFit meal plan. Check out my review.

Last nights dinner!

Last nights dinner!

5. Treat yourself!: Seriously, Treat yourself! We do so many things over the course of a week or a month that we often forget about ourselves. Stop everything you’re doing and go get a pedicure! Ok, you can finish what you’re doing but make time to treat yourself soon!

My treat this week

My treat this week

That’s it! 5 simple challenges to keep your sanity you healthy and fit. Which challenge will be the easiest for you? How bout the hardest?

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Thinking out Loud Thursday

I’ve got a lot of random thoughts on my mind lately and Think out Loud Thursday hosted by Running with Spoons is the perfect excuse to get it all out.

First, Danny skipped town Monday for work and won’t be back until Sunday afternoon. I don’t normally broadcast these things or make it a big deal but usually it’s only a few days. Work has him traveling 2-3 times a month which isn’t ideal but when I start thinking about how much it sucks I always remember those who have spouses in the military. Now that is sacrifice! He’ll be back soon and I’m thankful for that but until then I can’t help but miss having him around. I can’t believe we spent our first 6 months only seeing each other on the weekends!

Danny & I at the beginning =)

Danny & I at the beginning =)

Second, #100milemonth is coming up starting on Tuesday. As I’ve mentioned before I’m working toward 100 exercise miles in April to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project with my friend Kim and several other supporters. I’ve only received 2 donations (and one was from mom (love you mom)). We all have a cause we are passionate about and if helping our Wounded Warriors is one of yours PLEASE donate to the #100milemonth here and join us for the added fitness challenge. Seriously, HELP ME PLEASE!!!

Coaching the Warriors through the SA Rock N Roll Marathon

Coaching the Warriors through the SA Rock N Roll Marathon

Next, my blog views have been sky rocketing lately… THANK YOU! I know it sounds silly but the more readers I have each day the more motivated I am to keep writing. As I’ve said before if you enjoy my blog the best compliment you can give me is to share Fearlessly Fierce with a friend or two!


Last, my beautiful sister is about 7 months pregnant and I haven’t been around for any of it! Moving from Nebraska to Texas has made me miss a lot of the wonderful (and not so wonderful) moments with my family and friends. My sister isn’t one to mind if I’m not around but I love her a lot and part of me feels terrible for not being around but the other part of me knows that life took me where I needed to be and I can always hop on a plane to see her and my new baby niece. On a brighter note, I’ll make it back in a couple weeks to throw her a baby shower!

Amanda and I in San Fran

Amanda and I in San Fran

Well that about sums up my thinking out loud. Sorry for being a bit of a Debbie downer but thanks for letting me get it off my chest! I hope to see you back tomorrow!

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