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Treadmill Workout

Happy Friday y’all!

I’m ready to enjoy a weekend with my good friends Katie and DJ. I met them at A&M during my first year there and have been great friends ever sense. They’re making the 5 hour drive from Dallas this weekend and I’m ready to enjoy the weather with them.

Katie & Alison

Before we head off and enjoy the weekend it always feels great to get a sweaty workout in. Most of us have Treadmills available and if we don’t, outside will work just fine too! Here’s the workout…


It was nice and sweaty by the end and felt like I got a good workout in. And because I’m not the biggest running fan the incline walking helps break up the runs.


Enjoy your weekend! Have any fun plans?

iFit Nutrition Guide Review

Hi All! Today we’re talking food, one of my favorite topics!

I frequently get asked by participants and friends what I eat. Being in the fitness industry I sometimes feel like I should tell people I eat completely clean, no sweets no junk, but that’s just not the truth. As you may have noticed in my Valentine’s treat post or my weekend recap with cupcakes, I like sweets and I’m not ashamed of it! I also know how to eat them in moderation which is what I always stress! But if you’re anything like me, finding meals that are easy, healthy, and new can be difficult. I found that I would eat nearly the same thing everyday….

Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 egg white, scrambled with a little feta cheese, 2 slices of whole wheat toast & coffee
Snack: A cup of mixed fruit/berries
Lunch: salad, healthy frozen meal, or left overs from the night before
Snack: Greek yogurt & protein bar
Dinner: Fish, chicken, or turkey (lightly seasoned and baked) with a side of mixed veggies
Snack: Cottage cheese or chocolate milk.

Seriously, EVERYDAY!!! Don’t get me wrong, it’s all pretty healthy and usually kept me full and fueled. But I was just so stinkin’ bored of the same ol’ same ol’. So Last year in November when a Typhoon hit the Philippines iFit was selling their 8-week nutrition guide for $3.99 (usually $12.99) to raise money for disaster relief. I’ve never followed a meal plan before so I was hesitant but decided now was as good of a time as any. So after purchasing the meal plan I was able to get Danny on board to follow it too (having someone their for support always helps with success). We decided to start after the Holidays because let’s be real, we weren’t concerned about changing out habits until after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years celebrations happened :-).


Well, last week was our final week and I’m happy to report we stuck (almost) with it the whole time! It took a lot of meal prep (which turned out to be great in the long run), grocery store visits, and dedication but overall it was great. Here are my Pro’s and Con’s of the iFit Meal plan.


  • Simple, easy to make meals (the guide claims 15 minutes or less to prepare)
  • A full days food was planned for you
  • Provided a “Food Swap List” if you didn’t like something
  • Provided me with a little change from day to day
  • Food kept me full
  • Made us cook more at home, saving money at restaurants.


  • Meals were a little repetitive
  • However, some Ingredients weren’t repetitive enough to use up everything you bought before it went bad
  • Found several typos (Ex: gave directions on have to make recipes that weren’t listed on that day)
  • Didn’t give recipes or suggestions on certain items (Ex: Minestrone soup, Shake, Turkey Chili)
  • Didn’t specify portion differences for different sizes people (i.e. Me and Danny)

Overall thoughts:

  1. This plan would be good for anyone hoping to start eating healthier and more consistent
  2. This plan provides a good base for meals/foods to eat after the plan is over
  3. This plan is not for someone who likes creative complex meals
  4. This plan is not ideal for someone who travels a lot

Here are a few of the meals we made,

Blueberry Pancakes
IMG_2206Strawberry Banana Smoothie


Turkey Chili


Lettuce Wraps


Turkey Meatballs and Sauce




And my final thought… Having a guide to follow takes a lot of stress out of “what to eat” as long as you don’t allow the guide to dictate your every bite. Throughout the 8-weeks Danny and I ate out and enjoyed ourselves when the time was right. We also satisfied our sweet tooth in moderation. If we hadn’t we wouldn’t have stuck to the nutrition plan for 8 weeks! If you’re looking for a bit of consistency in your diet or even a little change it’s worth a try!

Happy Eating!


Yoga for All and All for Yoga!

I admit it, I’m a HUGE yoga fan! Yoga is like the cool kid of exercise that everyone wants to be friends with but not everyone knows if they’ll get along. The awesome part about this cool kid (I’m talking yoga of course) is that it is so versatile that literally almost anyone can do it, literally. I have taught yoga to kids, seniors, college student, expecting mothers, people with a wide range of disabilities, athletes, individuals seeking rehab, the stay at home mom or retiree, and everyone in between. Now clearly I taught most of these individuals differently but because yoga is so versatile it wasn’t hard to cater to the individual needs of my participant(s).

I also love yoga for it’s empowering qualities. After a great yoga session I leave feeling strong, relaxed, focused, and on most occasions ready to concur the world. I’m well aware that not everyone has such a great feeling afterwards or even during but I think the growing popularity of yoga shows that people really are seeing a benefit, whatever it may be!

I’ve had countless people tell me over the last few years that they would enjoy having a yoga video, even a voice recording, of me instructing a yoga class. Besides being extremely flattered, I also became extremely motivated to give the people what they want :-).

The video I have for you today will likely not fit everyone but it will hopefully fit the needs of most. This short routine can be used as it’s own workout or as a warm-up or cool-down to another workout. Whatever this video is for you, I genuinely hope you enjoy it.

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