BOSU Circuit Sensations

If you saw Tuesdays post, TexFit 2015, you found out I traveled to Texas State University with my wonderful fitness staff for this years conference. In addition to the conference I was honored to host a BOSU workshop. This weekend the featured workshop was BOSU Circuit Sensations!

The room was jammed pack with 30 enthusiastic participants. These 30 quickly turned into sweaty participants after our short circuit workout. The room plus all the hard work being done sky rocketed the temperature. None the less, we had a great time learning new BOSU concepts, exercises, and circuit workout formats.

A huge shout out to all the fitness staff from Texas Tech who came, along with everyone else who came out and made this workshop a wonderful time and a great success. I’ll be heading to Maryland for the 2015 Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo this weekend to present BOSU Circuit Sensations again for what I hope will be another great group.

TexFit 2015

Over the weekend I traveled to San Marcos, Texas for the annual TexFit conference. TexFit is a collegiate fitness conference comprised of presenters from University Rec Centers from all over Texas. I had the honor of presenting several times during my undergrad and graduate years. TexFit was a HUGE part of my professional development and is something that continues to drive my passion to help my students fuel theirs.


I had the privilege of taking 25 students to the event. Seven of which presented, yes 7! I’ve heard nothing but great feedback about each presentation and the ones I was able to attend were amazing! Their topics included Building Community, Cueing to Every Participant, Creating an Awesome Theme Ride, Hurricane Training, FMS Assessment, and No Equipment Workout. They all made me soooooo proud.


I’ll admit, I have a pretty sweet job. Working with my students and seeing them grow and develop is wonderful! It doesn’t hurt that we have loads of fun every day! I am truly lucky!

BOSU by the Bay

It’s been awhile since my last blog entry. Life has been crazy busy. Although busy can be crazy (as in this case), busy is also good! Danny has been working hard at his new position with WWP and I have been working equally as hard getting the semester start off at UTSA. And because that is never enough (total sarcasm there), we’ve also been working on a few side projects that are new, exciting, and a little daunting all at the same time. I hope to have more to share this spring.

One thing that has been keeping me very busy is BOSU! I have 5 BOSU courses booked through April and each one takes a lot of work. From booking to promoting, practicing to presenting, a lot of my evenings are dedicated to making this endeavor a success! This weekend I headed down to Corpus Christi, Texas to put all that hard work to practice!


I had the pleasure of presenting BOSU Complete Intro at the Texas A&M Corpus Christi Rec Center. The facility was really nice and located right next to the ocean. How can you beat that? Campus was buzzing with prospective students from all over Texas. We took a little of that energy and packed it into one group exercise room filled with BOSU’s.


This group was small but full of energy, excitement, and a thirst for knowledge. One of the wonderful things about teaching instructors is that they already have a strong teaching foundation so applying new concepts is easy. I also love the amount of effort and energy they put behind the workshop because as they know, it’s hard to get up in front of a group that doesn’t respond and shows no enthusiasm. Thank you to the Corpus Christi BOSU class for making my Saturday morning absolutely wonderful! You all are amazing!

IMG_0654 IMG_0655

If you’d like to experience some of that energy, I’d love to have you in a course. I have courses coming up in San Antonio, San Marcos, Philadelphia, and Maryland. If none of these locations work for you, let’s talk! I’d love to set-up a workshop in your area!

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